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My top pick for the most effective area rug pad over hard wood floors.

Feb 6th 2013, 8:02 am
Posted by wgero85
As a retailPersian rug shop operator and manufacturer for over Twenty-five years, I have stumbled upon my own fair proportion of area rug pads in the business. I am continually surprised at the sheer number of Persian rug pads listed the present day marketplace. After experimenting with virtually all of the oriental rug pads listed on the marketplace, we thought to come up with our top picks for the best rug pads for hardwood flooring available on the marketplace.

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All of us decided to remain within the realm of hard wood floor area rug pads only, as this is overwhelmingly the most common surface form on the market. We have diligently selected some of the best area rug pads intended for hardwood floors that you could buy on the present day market. You will find literally hundreds of Persian rug pads in the marketplace, several producers tested significantly better than others.

The Persian rug pads we analyzed were of various diverse sizes, depth, and components. Quite simply, We feel there is no single perfect Oriental rug pad as it is completely depending on what you’re in need of as the consumer. A number of buyers are looking for a thicker, more high-end, Oriental rug rug pad to make their rugs look and feel softer and more distinctive. Whereas a different purchaser may be looking for that simple yet still efficient affordable non-slip rubber Persian rug pad with out the many extras. Our staff chose to classify rug pads with similar attributes and evaluate them with comparable products within their group.

A. Our most Affordable, Everyday Oriental Rug Underlay.

B. The Most Functional Area Rug Pad.

C. Best higher-end Rug Pad.

Regarding group A, there were a number of rug pads of which all of us thought performed on par with each other. The Oriental rug pads in this collection were manufactured primarily from polyvinyl and genuine rubber materials. Every underlay had more or less the same guarantee, somewhere within the vicinity of 15-20 yrs. All of us made certain that the particular pads our staff tested had lengthy guarantees, since a short term warranty is often a clear indicator that the area rug pad might fall apart over time.

In group A, our concluding recommendation for the most effective rug pad in the marketplace for hardwood floors was Rug Pad USA’s Super-Lock Natural area rug pad. The Super-Lock natural pads provided by Rug Pad USA’s seemed to arrive at just about everything all of us were looking for in a wood floor rug pad. These style of pads were constructed using only 100% natural rubber (no cheap smelly pvc rubber). A 100% all natural rubber is best suited for wood flooring, mainly because there's almost no probability that your hardwood floors will be damaged or stained using a purely natural rubber rug pad.

One more reason why we liked the super-lock rug pads from Rug Pad USA is they provided a 20 year warranty, the best warranty we have observed thus far. The concluding reason our staff went with RugPadUSA’s Super-Lock natural product series is their price, which was significantly less than equivalent products from many other suppliers.

Our Category B victor was Premium-Lock non-slip rug pads, which use a combo of Felt material and Rubber to maximize functionality Our staff prefer these pads a great deal because they works extremely well over virtually any flooring, simply flip them over to operate on carpet surfaces. These kinds of rug pads utilize both recycled felt and natural rubber materials in order to increase effectiveness as the recycled felt side acts like a cushion to help enhance cushioning whereas the natural rubber side keeps your area rugs secured on your flooring. Premium-Lock pads are a excellent alternative to all rubber rug pads, and perform nicely along with high end hand made Orientals to offer more of a buffer between your area rug and flooring.We discovered these rug pads on a number of internet sites, including amazon and RugPadUSA’s internet site

For our 3rd category, all of us chose to go with High end Eco-Pads from Rug Pad USA. All of us only recently were introduced to these rug pads and couldn’t believe just how comfortable and soft they really ended up being. The Luxury Eco-Pads are produced with 100% soy bean oils to further enhance your eco-friendly footprint. When you press your palm directly into these types of pads, the pads will adapt to the shape of your hand before bouncing back to their original shape. At this time there like absolutely nothing our staff have ever seen before from a Oriental rug pad. We found these Rug Pads available for sale on Amazon and RugPadUSA.com. Be ready to shell out a little more for these types of rug pads than your ordinary area rug pad, but for higher end orientals it’s definitely worth the added costs.

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