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The Best Premium Rug Pads Available on the Market.

Feb 6th 2013, 11:18 am
Posted by wgero85
The key reasons why a consumer orders an persian rug underlay is to keep their area rugs secured in position. Generally, any low cost rubber rug underlay is what many consumers opt for. Having said that, what the majority of consumers don’t fully understand is the fact that certain rug pads actually work superior to others. As an area rug owner, having to spend the extra funds on a higher end rug pad is usually a no brainer, particularly when it happens at a fraction of the price of a nice area rug. Studies have shown that denser, top quality rug pads can actually lengthen the life of your Oriental rugs. For that reason, when your having to spend a lot of cash on a fine Oriental rug, you certainly shouldn’t select the cheapest rug pad option.

There are usually numerous advantages you can get from the additional support cushioned rug pads provide. A quality rug underlay will offer an additional level of volume and comfort that a low-grade rubber pad merely won't offer. One of the better benefits of a cushioned rug underlay is the proper protection it will provide for your hard wood. Slim rubber rug pads will hold your Oriental rugs from sliding, but will not offer much when it comes to padding.

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Lots of consumers are frequently doubtful of this claim, but you need to think about the amount of use your rug will get throughout the course of many years. It will most likely not make any difference over a few years, but say over Twenty years, your rugs will be looking a lot better and volumptuous. hand-woven Oriental rugs won't provide much protection since many do not provide a rubber support, in comparison to machined rugs which often do. Depending on which type of rug you've got, your hardwood floors may be prone to damage even with a poor quality rug underlay. For this reason we try to offer our clientele with the proper rug underlay associated with every different area rug.

There tend to be several high quality rug pads out there on the market that provide ample density and proper protection for your floors. An excellent high performance rug pad at a realistic price is the Premium-Lock line of rug pads from RugPadUSA.com. Presently there are usually a number of other felt + rubber rug pad solutions that you may buy, but RugPadUSA.com features a greater selection and seemingly more reasonable prices (though area rug pads are typically not cheap).

An all rubber alternative pad to a recycled felt + natural rubber rug pads is the Luxury Eco-Pads also offered at Rug Pad USA. We tested these kinds of pads and even though they are usually priced somewhat above the Premium-Lock ones, they might be worth it! The Luxury Eco-Pads are made with 100% organic oils, (soybean oil I believe). It really is by far the softest area rug pad on the market. They've got almost a memory foam like uniformity, just simply press your palm into the center of these pads and these pads will gently form to your hand. The Eco-Pad’s genuinely has that luxury feel, exactly as the name suggests. You may find these pads on sale on amazon in addition to Rug Pad USA website.

My partner and I have approximately 25 years or so of retail experience within the Oriental rug industry. We wanted to supply our community with some advice with respect to which rug pads we used performed better than others, and why you shouldn’t be skimpy when it comes to a rug pad. If your buying an area rug, remember to always ensure that you have a couple of options to choose from when it comes to a rug underlay A high-quality rug underlay can provide that extra dose of protection and comfort to any home.

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