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Telesales opportunities

Yesterday, 6:19 am
Posted by iancorsen
Telesales opportunities
Telesales and sales jobs abroad and in the UK tend to be difficult to find. General job listings advertise a large number of completely unsuitable or undesirable jobs and it is time-consuming to sort through them to find the sales jobs. In addition to this, the sales jobs which are listed on general job advertisement websites are highly unlikely to be high-end sales careers in investment, media, finance or events, nor do they offer tempting sales jobs abroad with luxurious relocation packages.
But that doesn't mean that telesales has to be a dead business avenue. In fact, telemarketing continues to play an incredibly important role in the sales process. It's far more efficient to use highly trained, inside sales personnel to call, answer questions, promote businesses, and develop sales than it is to employ an expensive outside sales force.
Always keep the goals of why you are contacting the client fresh in your mind. Are you calling to sell a product or services, are you looking for potential leads, or want to set up an appointment? You may just simply be calling to check in to see how the client is doing with your product or service. There are many reasons as to why you are contacting a particular client. Keeping the goal in mind will provide direction and keep your focus when you are on the line with a potential customer.
Of course, Telesales Company or telemarketing is not a job for just anyone. This job requires some very specific skills. Along with all the other sales skills you associate with a selling position, the telemarketer also has to have the ability to be persuasive on the phone, to use their voice in a manner that attracts attention, establishes camaraderie, and shows enthusiasm. Some of the best sales people are people persons. They like to get out there and meet new people. A telemarketer has to have those same skills, yet be quite content to sit behind a desk in a cubicle or phone bank. They also have to have a thick skin. This is one of the jobs that virtually guarantees angry hang-ups in response to calls.
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