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Is a 8 by 10 Oriental rug Pad definitely needed?

Jul 6th 2013, 6:10 am
Posted by wgero85
Having always been in the area rug sales industry for years, I have been asked this particular question plenty of instances. An 8x10 persian rug pad nevertheless requires an area rug underlay below it for no slide protection and padding.

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The principal reasons why a consumer purchases an area rug pad is to keep their area rugs secured in place. In many cases, a low profile rubber area rug underlay will do work fine. Nonetheless, often times a low cost rug underlay will not provide you with the needed support that nearly all fine area rug pads need. As an area rug proprietor, having to pay the added funds on a higher end rug pad is usually a no brainer, specially when it happens at a small fraction of the price of a fine rug.

The top rated rug pad for hardwood surface floors.

Lots of consumers tend to be doubtful of this claim, but you need to consider how much use your rug will get throughout the course of several years. Keep in mind, that your Oriental rugs are commonly under continuous stress day in and day out, and over a 20 year time period, it can make a big difference. hand-woven Persian rugs will not offer much protection since nearly all don't offer a rubberized backing, in comparison to machined rugs which normally do.

One of our own top suggestions for a superior area rug pad is a felt+rubber Persian rug pad such as the Premium-Lock Felt + Rubber non-slip Oriental rug pads for hard wood floors supplied by RugPadUSA. Our staff chose these types of pads because you can turn them over to utilize on carpet surfaces in addition to wood floors and hard surface flooring. These pads incorporate a thin natural rubber layer along with a recycled felt top layer, to increase soft qualities and non-slip properties. A fantastic rug pad with regard to more expensive Orientals and area area rugs.Our staff discovered these pads on a several websites, including amazon . com and RugPadUSA’s website With regard to grouping C, we chose Luxury Eco-Pads from RugPadUSA's website. Our staff just lately had been introduced to these types of pads and could not believe how soft and comfortable they really ended up being. These pads are made with 100% natural soy bean oils. Merely press your hand right into these types of rug pads and you cant truly feel the difference from any average rubber rug pad. These redefine the very idea of a high end Persian rug pad Anyone can buy these rug pads on sale at amazon . com as well as at Rug Pad USA. Be ready to pay a bit more for these kinds of pads compared to your regular area rug pad, but for high end orientals it’s definitely worth the extra costs.
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